What will 2018 do for your wallet?

It's a new year and that means some of the things you paid for in 2017 will be more expensive.

One of the largest increases depends on how much your family income is per year. As of January 1, the base rate for daycare fees went up 30 cents to $8.05 per day. If your annual income is between $51,340 and $77,005 you will see your daily bill increase 75 cents (to $8.75). Those making more than $165,005 will see the highest jump, going from $13.90 to $21.95 per day.

It's also going to be slightly more expensive to be a licensed driver in Quebec, with permits for a passenger vehicle license going up $1.05 to $84.29. For a motorcycle license the fee will increase to $91.33.

Registration costs will also be going up but they will depend on your type of vehicle and the situation.

2018 could also bring an increase to your Hydro and grocery bills.

Hydro-Québec has asked the province's energy board to approve a 1.1 per cent rate hike while Quebec dairy farmers have asked the provincial body regulating milk prices for a near three and a half per cent increase this year.

A decision on both requests is expected a little bit later on this year.

The New Year won't just be bringing more fees for you to pay; there is some tax relief to be found as well.

Just before the end of last year the provincial government announced some tax relief for Quebecers, especially for those earning less than $42,000.

The new tax break could save you between $278 and $750 depending on your family situation and combined income. The lowest tax rate in the province will also be lowered by one per cent to 15 per cent and Quebec's child assistance payments will see a slight, 0.82 per cent, increase.