"Wheels" sues over treatment in prison

An inmate nicknamed "Wheels" is suing the prison system for $100,000, saying he endured 84 days of torture at the penitentiary at Sainte Anne des Plaines, north of Montreal. 

Shane Kenneth Maloney uses a wheelchair because a motorcyle accident 15 years ago left him paralysed.  

He says when he spent time at the federal lock-up at Sainte Anne des Plaines in 2013 and 2014, a prison doctor cut his medication without even examining him, forcing him to endure pain and distress.  

Maloney is awaiting trial in connection with the drugs and guns investigation dubbed Operation Loquace.  

La Presse reports he doesn't much like his current detention conditions either.  

He is being housed in the infirmary at the Rivieres des Prairies detention centre and demanded a transfer into the general population.  Jail officials fought the request, saying his wheelchair could be used for contraband smuggling or its metal components turned into weapons.