Where are Montreal's REAL 'Hot Spots'

If you're looking to beat the heat during the final day of this heatwave, but don't want to spend your day indoors here's a handy little map that shows some of Montreal's true 'Hot Spots.'

In 2015, in a bid to map out the hottest areas in Quebec and show how big cities have an increased surface temperature (thanks to all the asphalt and concrete), the government teamed up with research centre CERFO to produce a map showing which areas are the hottest.

Not surprisingly the coolest spots on the island are where you'll find the most green, including Mount Royal Park, Bois de Saraguay Nature Park, Angrignon Park, Lafontaine Park, Terra Cotta and William Cosgrove Centennial Park.

Keep in mind, the map below does not actively show how hot a certain area is or how hot it has been during this heat wave. The map represents the hottest areas of the city on an average summer day, which should give you an idea of where you can get a bit of fresh air on what could very well be the warmest day of the year.

Author's note: If the map does not show up in your browser you can find it here.