Where's the Big O ski jump the city paid for?

There was supposed to be a ski jump at the Olympic Stadium in time for the city's 375th anniversary this year, but it never materialized. 

The opposition Projet Montreal says the Coderre administration gave out a $230 000 contract three years ago, but it's got nothing to show for it. 

The company that got the contract was supposed to do three things after being awarded the money in 2015: build the ramp, test it and find private sponsors to help. 

Projet Montreal councillor Eric Alan Caldwell says none of that happened. 

"The money was granted but there's no project on the table yet," he said. 

He says the project has been postponed several times, and there seems to be some internal problems with Skying Montreal, and he wants the mayor to explain.

"We're asking to the administration Coderre what happened. How come you gave the money and there's no result." 

The city's Réal Menard is expected to respond this afternoon.