Who is "Donn"? Longueuil police hope to crack cold case murder

Police in Longueuil hope a newly discovered photo signed by a man named Donn may help them crack a murder case that went cold 35 years ago.  

In 1984, a woman was sexually assaulted and stabbed to death in Saint Hubert. 

The photo, discovered in a purse that Rose-Marie Doyle-Giverin left at a friend's place, shows an aboriginal man in his mid-twenties to early thirties, playing cosom hockey. It is addressed to the victim, calling her a loyal fan.  It is signed by "Donn".

Longueuil Detective Lieutenant David Castonguay says relatives and friends have no idea who Donn was, and the name was not in the victim's address books.

"Nobody can tell us anything, about any connections, because we did go through everything she left behind," he says.  "He's never been met, and we'd like to know what he knows. Maybe she told him something."

Investigators are wondering whether 46-year old Doyle-Giverin may have met Donn through her volunteer work in the prisons or at the Douglas Hospital.

Investigators do have a DNA sample from the woman's murderer, and in recent years have been able to rule out a number of suspects.

Anyone with information about "Donn" can call Longueuil Police at 450-463-7100, extension 5094.  Calls will be treated confidentially.