Who is poisoning cats in Verdun?

Posters have been placed around the alleyway between 3rd and 4th Avenue near Verdun St. warning residents to keep an eye out for someone poisoning local cats.

Over the past few weeks several cans of wet cat food laced with what appears to be rat poison have been found near a stray cat colony nearby. 

"I think it's crazy people," says local pet owner Ariane. "It's sad. I'm furious. If you don't like the cats in Verdun, move."

Volunteers from local pet service Animex are visiting the alley multiple times daily to remove the cans. This past weekend, two more cans were found.

Investigators with Montreal's SPCA are looking into the poisonings, asking residents to record and report anyone dropping cat food nearby, and warning cat owners to keep their pets inside.