Why a far-right leader wore a burqa into the Australian Senate today

In Australia, a far-right member of parliament pulled off a peculiar stunt today in a bid to change laws on face-covering religious garments.

Pauline Hanson, who leads the controversial One Nation party and represents the state of Queensland in the country's Senate, arrived for the day's question period in the upper chamber wearing a Burqa, the full-face covering worn in some conservative cultures within the Muslim faith.  

It was a symbolic gesture to accompany her party's motion in the chamber to ban the Burqa.  She dramatically removed the garment as she stood to ask a question about that motion to the Australian Attorney-General, Liberal-National Senator George Brandis.

The Attorney-General responded by calling Hanson's demonstration "appalling", and he "counselled and cautioned" Senator Hanson for what could be perceived as offensive by religious groups.  Brandis's statement received an unexpected standing ovation from Senators from the Labor and Green Parties.