Why Quebec will have to wait a little bit longer for vanity licence plates

If you were hoping to get a customized licence plate before the autumn, you're probably going to be disappointed.  That's because, despite promising the arrival of vanity plates by this past spring, the SAAQ still has not received legislative permission from the province to kick-start the project.

And making that change, through the provincial ministry of finance, cannot simply happen overnight.  According to the Journal de Montreal, the language that allows for the creation of the SAAQ's vanity-plate program is buried within the omnibus 2016/17 budget implementation bill, meaning until that bill is ratified by the National Assembly this fall, the long-awaited customized licence plate program can't become a reality.

Officials from the SAAQ emphasized to the Journal that once they receive that permission in the implementation bill, the program is basically ready to go and can be very swiftly implemented.

Quebec is one of only two provinces to not allow drivers to have custom numbers and letters on their licence plates.  The other is Newfoundland & Labrador.