Will it actually hit 32°C in Montreal today? With the humidex, looks like it

Good news for Montreal, before Old Man Winter gets his cold, cold hands on the city, the Boys of Summer will get one last kick at the can.

While Tuesday morning will be cloudy with some showers off and on, a bit of sunshine is expected to peek through the clouds by this afternoon. More importantly, it's going to be hot and humid to kick off the shortened work week.

The high for the day is 24°C, but with the humidex temperatures in Montreal are expected to hit 32°C by the afternoon.

Things will stay near 20°C overnight into Wednesday, where temperatures will fall to about 15°C, again with more rain.

Thursday warms up again, hitting near 20°C but will also be filled with showers.

Everything returns to seasonal, to around 11°C, with what will be the sunniest day of the week (go figure).