Will MNA rhetoric on religion change?

Will MNA's tone it down?

The National Assembly is about to resume and some wonder if the rhetoric about religion will change.

The Couillard goverment's proposed legislation on religious neutrality has been severely criticized since it was introduced.

Under the bill, it would be illegal for a person whose face is covered to give or to receive government services. 

Critics say Muslim women who wear face religious coverings are being unfairly targeted.

"The PQ and the CAQ say they bill doesn't go far enough. They've been calling for the Liberals to follow recommendations that came out of Bouchard-Taylor commission. That would be banning judges, police officers, prison guards and teachers from showing reigious symbols", reported CTV's Maya Johnson.

Justice Minister Stephanie Vallée said the bill's goal is to deal with security, identity, and communication by outlining neutrality and specifying the grounds for religious accommodations.

She said the bill is making progress, but will not be pushed forward in the next week out of respect for the men shot while praying at a mosque.  


- With files from CTV News