Will Montreal use public money to bring back the Expos? Coderre: "absolutely"

The return of Major League Baseball to Montreal this weekend once again revitalized talks—and among Expos fans, hope—on the city getting a team again, and the mayor of Montreal says taxpayers could fund the cause.

When asked Sunday whether the city should invest public funds in getting a baseball team to come to Montreal, Denis Coderre responded, "absolutely."

Coderre said it was too early to put a value on any possible public investment but discussions will be had on what role the city, and public money, should play.

The mayor also said he believes Montrealers are behind him and his desires for a new pro-baseball team.

"It's clear people want the Expos to come back," he said on Sunday, following two days of Toronto Blue Jays exhibition games at the former home of Montreal's lost franchise, attended by about 95,000 people.

Coderre also pointed to the continued success of these spring-time matchups as an indicator Montreal can indeed sustain a franchise.