Woman seeks class-action compensation over Osheaga show delay

An 18-year old Brossard woman has filed a request for a class-action lawsuit against the organizers of Osheaga after her favourite artist was an hour and-a-half late for his show last Friday.

Megan Stum claims she scrimped and saved for tickets when she heard that American rapper Travis Scott was coming to town.

Scott though, got hung up in customs while crossing the border, and  arrived late in Montreal.

When he finally took to the stage he only performed for 40 minutes but by then many people had left the venue including Stum who claims that she began to fear for her safety because the crowd began getting boisterous.

The suit seeks $115 for each person who had tickets to the show.

The Journal de Montreal says the event organizer, Evenko, has refused comment on the issue.