Would François Legault pull a Doug Ford and cut the size of Montreal's city council?

With all the talk and current kerfuffle surrounding the use of the notwithstanding clause and the Ontario Premier's plan to reduce the size of Toronto's city council, what are the chances something like that could happen to Montreal?

On Tuesday, reporters decided to ask the man at the helm of the party currently leading all the polls, Francois Legault, for his thoughts.

Specifically, he was asked about how despite having a smaller population, Montreal has more elected officials than Toronto.

"I find there is a lot [of elected municipal officials in Montreal]," Legault said, hinting he would be interested in reducing that number if elected on October 1.

The CAQ leader was quick to follow up his response by adding that any move would require Montrealers to be onboard.

"We would discuss it with the people of Montreal," he said. "We want to give municipalities more autonomy. We don't want to move in the opposite direction, like Mr. Ford has, we will work by consensus."