Would you write to Donald Trump? This Canadian did - and heard back

Have you ever written to your MP or city councillor?

Doug Kavanagh has made a hobby out of writing to world leaders, and saving their responses. It's something the 62-year-old electrician from Bauline, Newfoundland starting doing as a teen. He began corresponding with Canadian premiers 46 years ago, and has since accumulated about 5,000 responses and thank you notes.

Inevitably, Kavanagh has recently written three letters to the 45th President of the United States, touching on military spending, among other topics. Last week, he finally got an email response: 

Dear Douglas: 
Thank you for your kind letter and generous words of support. Working together, we will strengthen and unify our great nation, honor our Government's sacred duty to the people, and fulfill the promise of America for all its citizens. United, we will achieve lasting change, peace through strength, and prosperity like never before.


Sure, it's a canned answer, but Kavanagh is happy to have it in his extensive collection. 

One of Kavanagh's letters has a Quebec connection: he drove all the way from Newfoundland to deliver the missive personally to then-Premier Lucien Bouchard. And he did get a response, but says: 'I haven't translated it yet.' 


The email Newfoundlander Doug Kavanagh got from the White House.