You’re welcome here: Calgary Mayor speaks out against Quebec bill on religious symbols

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi is the latest to speak out against the Quebec government's proposed ban on religious symbols worn by new public servants in positions of authority.

"We have a provincial government that says, 'Hey, there are certain jobs that you cannot do simply because of your faith, and we're going to notwithstand the Chart of Rights because we know this is clearly against the Canadian Charter of Rights to say or do that," Nenshi said at City Hall Monday. "This is unacceptable."

Nenshi then went on to invite anyone not comfortable with the legislation to look at Calgary as a place to do business.

"What I can do is I can reach out to all decent people, and honestly say, if you're a Hollywood producer filming in Quebec, and you're worried about your staff and the talent that you're bringing in, if you're a tech start-up who wants to bring in people from all over the world and the very best talent, come to Calgary. You're welcome here."

Nenshi's comments are similar to those made last week by Cyrille Simard, the Mayor of Edmundston, New Brunswick.

On Twitter Simard said that New Brunswick, a bilingual province, is in need of teachers, police officers and workers in all sectors. He added that if Quebec does not want those who wear religious symbols, New Brunswick has room for you and its people are welcoming.