Young boy orphaned following fatal South Shore fire

The fire that claimed the life of three people on the South Shore early Saturday also left an 11-year-old boy with autism orphaned.

The blaze broke out inside a basement apartment of a three-storey building at about 1:15 A.M. but quickly spread to the upper floors. Some residents could be seen jumping from the balconies to save themselves from the flames.

One of those residents was the young boy. 

As the fire ravaged the 16-unit building the boy, with the help of his mother, jumped to safety from a third floor balcony. He suffered a broken foot and some minor injuries from the fall.

Unfortunately, the boy's mother, father and grandmother were unable to escape and were the three victims killed in the blaze.

The boy remains in hospital and will be released into the care of other family members.

The building on Toulouse was destroyed, leaving 13 families, including 23 adults and 15 children, homeless and all of their belongings lost in the fire.

CTV Montreal

The South Shore community has come together following the tragedy. Organization L'Entraide Chez Nous said that there is already a large assistance network going around collecting donations for those affected. 

Officials in Longueuil said they have received an outpouring of support from those looking to help. Anyone looking to chip in is invited to contact the City of Longueuil for more information at 450-463-7311, ext 311.