YOUR STORY: Hundreds of dollars for a school uniform that'll only be worn for one year

A student and his parents are speaking out against a decision by private school Collège Sainte-Anne in Lachine to have Secondary IV students spend hundreds of dollars on new school uniforms that they'll only wear for one year.  

The costs could go as high as $300-$500 with a new outdoor jacket and multiple shirts. 

The Secondary IV student and his parents, who don't want to be named for fear of reprisals from the school, said it's ridiculous.

"I think it's unjust. I think it's heinous that we have to spend all this money for simply one year on top of, let's say, if anybody is in special programs or are already paying a high fee and tuition fee," said the student.

He told that since Collège Sainte-Anne made the announcement about a month ago, students have gathered 200 names for a petition and tried a boycott that was shut down by the Sec IV director.

In the past, uniforms were handed down to siblings but now that can't happen with the new ones. The school uniform hasn't changed in years.

The school has not yet responded to CJAD 800's request for comment.