YOUR STORY:NDG family forced out by fire needs new temporary home after insurance runs out

An NDG family of six whose home burned down a year ago may now find themselves out on the street again now that their insurance company has given them final notice that they will no longer be footing the bill for their temporary home - just three months before they're scheduled to move into their newly reconstructed house. 

"It's very, very stressful," said Yvette Rambour, who reached out to

"It's tough - dealing with all the other stuff is difficult. But now, to just have to move even though our home is not ready..."

Rambour, her husband, her mother and her three young children including a two-year-old now have to scramble to find a big enough and affordable place to stay. 

They had to move five times since the fire in May of last year before settling into their temporary house in St. Laurent last August.

As of July 1st, Yvette Rambour and her family will have to either pay $5000 a month to stay at their temporary place or move out. 

After paying their expenses for the past 14 months, La Capitale Insurance said in a letter to Rambour earlier this week that time has run out.

"It just doesn't seem reasonable - there's been a number of reasons out of our control," said Rambour about the delays that slowed down construction of their new home.

"They're very quick and trite about it and we have proof of delays due to their own questions and search for information so we just feel to impose that on us is unfair."

La Capitale insurance told CJAD 800 that it's an unfortunate situation but that the delays were unusual, adding the company went over and beyond the usual 12 months of expenses in such cases, that they did the best to accomodate the family and did warn them in January this was coming. The company said they could keep paying but the cost would be deducted "from further disbursement that the insurer (has) to do on your file."

Over the next month, Rambour said they have to get the school year over with and at the same time, try to find a place to live until their home is ready in September - made more difficult when there's a low vacancy rate, there are few monthly rentals and moving season is coming up fast.

"We're also going to have to see what we can afford and hopefully make our life comfortable and as normal as possible for the children," said Rambour.

"That's key for us."