Your summer barbecue could become more expensive

Canada's annual food price report is out, and there's plenty of bad news for those who enjoy a good old-fashioned meaty summer barbecue.

The report from Dalhousie University in Halifax projects that overall, grocery and restaurant food prices will be on the rise, from between three and four per cent.

But the price of meat is expected to take a big jump — as much as seven to nine per cent by the end of the year.

The price of fruit is expected to climb up to five per cent, and vegetable prices are expected to go up four per cent.

Dairy, eggs, bakery goods and cereals and expected to drop from one to three per cent.

Sylvain Charlebois, the report's lead author and self-professed "food professor" says he expects barbecue-friendly meats like beef and pork to become a lot more expensive in the coming months.

"We've actually noticed some increases already in the marketplace, like beef, strip loins, t-bones," he says.

The report blames low inventories for cattle and hogs for the spike in prices.

He does say, however, that he expects the price of chicken to remain relatively stable — and prices for cheese and dairy may actually decline a bit.

"There's actually some good news there," he says. "In fact, more and more grocers are using the dairy counter as a loss leader haven. They want to keep you in their stores, and to do that, they're keeping milk prices and cheese prices."

Overall, prices for dairy, eggs, baked goods and cereals are expected to dip around one to three percent.