Zombie plant invasion more widespread, MNA believes

An MNA is sounding the alarm about the zombie plant in Quebec, saying the aquatic invader is a much greater danger to our lakes than the government is letting on.  

Sylvain Pagé is the MNA for Labelle riding in the Laurentians. He says the Environment Ministry just isn't acknowledging how widespread water-milfoil has become.

La Presse reports that it tried to obtain a list of affected lakes that was compiled earlier this year but the province refused to hand it over.  An estimate puts the number of lakes infested by the invasive aquatic plant at 100.

The zombie plant can re-root from just a small section of stem, making it very tough to erradicate.  

Planes that land on water have been spreading it to even remote lakes and some communities are now worried that it will ruin the fishing tourism business.