Sears employees at Fairview stunned by retailer's liquidation

Employees of Sears Canada have been waiting on-edge for some time about the retailer’s fate.

Still, when news of 'total liquidation' came Tuesday afternoon and that it would impact 12-thousand jobs across the country it was tough to hear.

“It’s like a shocker when you know that the place you work is going to close,” said one manager at Sears Fairview, who didn’t want to be named. “One employee just celebrated thirty years with Sears, so…it’s sad.” 

That’s a lot of pensionable service and Sears Canada employees were not told what is going to happen to it.

“No, they didn’t say what will happen to our pensions,” said another employee.

Most shoppers I spoke with said they weren’t surprised. For many, it’s about having choice on the shelves. 

 “They don’t have the choice. The salespeople don’t know what they’re talking about.”

Other shoppers figured it’s likely the impact of online shopping, specialty stores and larger retailers like Wal-Mart.”   

One shopper who was dismayed by having to give up Sears for shopping at The Bay, reminded the small group speaking with CJAD 800, “you can’t try clothes on, online.”

The Sears location at Fairview Point Claire will close on December 15, 2017.