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Inspiring stories from outstanding business people. Hosts Dan Delmar and FL Fuller Landau's Josh Miller profile business leaders who exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit of Quebec's small and medium business community.

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Dan Delmar


Dan Delmar (Monday/Wednesday) - Delmar is a news nerd with roughly 15 years’ experience in print, radio, television and digital media. He has strong opinions and doesn’t shy away from controversy, as long as it's constructive, measured and doesn't disappoint his mother. He is the managing partner of PR/communications consultancy Provocateur, a contributor with The National Post (and its Full Comment blog), as well as a contributor to CJAD 800 (and occasionally with other Bell Media outlets like Newstalk 1010 Toronto and CTV News Channel). Before breaking political news, including Quebec’s “Pastagate,” Delmar studied journalism, cinema and marketing, beginning his career with Montreal’s The Suburban. He was later named managing editor of bilingual commentary journal The Métropolitain. He enjoys Polish vodka, pretentious cuisine and trolling cabinet ministers on Twitter. 

Josh Miller


Josh Miller has been learning and assisting entrepreneurs his entire professional career, which began in 1989 with FL Fuller Landau, a chartered professional accountancy and business advisory firm. Josh’s experience with privately held companies ranges from startups with just an idea in someone’s head to long-standing multi-generational businesses, from sectors such as textiles to consultants, importers/exporters to retailer/wholesalers, local to international. Be it a traditional bricks and mortar operation or online activities, Josh’s goal remains the same, to help entrepreneurs make their business better.

Josh also co-hosts Today’s Entrepreneur — FL Fuller Landau’s radio program on CJAD800. The show highlights inspiring stories from Quebec entrepreneurs, and he has interviewed close to 200 entrepreneurs about the good, the bad and the ugly of their ongoing business experiences, in all aspects of their planning and operations.

…and Josh is an entrepreneur himself as one his roles as partner at FL Fuller Landau and Pvisio by FL is to help with the ongoing operations and strategic plans for the firm.