$50,000 Name That Sound #1 Guesses

The FIRST $50,000 Name That Sound was named by Steve when he guessed 'crushing a pop can' and scored $800!

Here were all the guesses:


Monday, August 21:
6:30 AM - Mark guessed "Dropping A Textbook"
7:30 AM - Angie guessed `ping pong ball in a cup`
8:30 AM - James guessed `hanging up the phone
9:30 AM - Devon guessed "hole puncher"
10:30 AM - Trudy guessed "the dice popper on a board game" 
11:30 AM - Deborah guessed "a stapler" 
12:30 PM - Steve guessed "crushing a pop can" AND WON $800!!!!! 


New Sound and $500 Cashpot up next at 1:30PM today!