$50,000 Name That Sound #6 Guesses

The SIXTH $50,000 Name That Sound was named by Amy when she guessed 'squirting a spray bottle' and won $1,200!

Here were all the guesses:


Monday, March 12:
6:30AM - Jeff  guessed "paper tearing"
7:30AM - Mark guessed "taking a cap off a beer bottle"
8:30AM - Justin guessed 'pneumatic gun'
9:30AM - Bud guessed 'closing the fridge door'
10:30AM - Zayne guessed "smashing a bag of ice on the counter"
11:30AM - Eric and Ariel (FROM THE LITTLE MERMAID) guessed "blowing out an air filter"
12:30PM - Joe guessed "someone hocking a loogie"
1:30 PM - Steve guessed "a soda fountain machine"
2:30 PM - Mark guessed  'a metal shovel going into sand or dirt'
3:30 PM - Matt guessed 'air being let out of a balloon'
4:30 PM - Tanya guessed 'squeezing the trigger on an air hose to fill your tires'
5:30 PM - Jeff guessed 'velcro'
6:30 PM - Leanne guessed "a kitten hissing as he sees a dog"
7:30 PM - Colin guessed "disconnecting an airhose"

Tuesday, March 13:
6:30AM - Trevor guessed "someone eating a chip"
7:30AM - Amy guessed "squirting a spray bottle" and WON $1,200!


A NEW Sound and a NEW $500 Cashpot starts at 8:30am with Gerry, Jesse & JD!