$50,000 Name That Sound #7 Guesses

The SEVENTH $50,000 Name That Sound was named by Leanne when she guessed 'opening a metal chair' and won $1,350!

Here were all the guesses:

Tuesday, March 13:
8:30AM - Mark guessed "closing a drawer"
9:30AM - Josh guessed "1 inch binder closing"
10:30AM - Cory guessed "a combination lock dropping on the counter"
11:30AM - Shannon guessed "popping bubble wrap"
12:30PM - Dave guessed "a pop bottle coming out of a vending machine"
1:30PM - Linda guessed "changing the slide on a slide projector"
2:30 PM - Yemi guessed 'changing a printer cartridge'
3:30 PM - Trevor guessed 'dropping a beer can'
4:30 PM - Justin guessed 'a gate lock shutting'
5:30 PM - Curtis guessed 'moving your car seat back'
6:30 PM - Todd guessed "a pinball machine releasing the ball"
7:30 PM - Julie guessed "releasing of a hood"

Wednesday, March 14:
6:30AM - Ryan guessed "pulling the arm on a slot amachine"
7:30AM - Matt guessed "throwing a show at a wall"
8:30AM - Josh guessed "dropping change on the ground"
9:30AM - Maurny guessed "turnstyle"
10:30AM - Todd guessed "the ball returning on a pinball machine" 
11:30AM - Leanne guessed "opening a metal chair" AND WON $1,350!


A NEW Sound and a NEW $500 Cashpot starts at 12:30pm with Krys!