$50,000 Name That Sound #8 Guesses

The EIGHTH $50,000 Name That Sound was named by Josh when he guessed 'jumping on a pogo stick' and won $1,350!

Here were all the guesses:


Wednesday, March 14:
12:30PM - Steve guessed "opening a briefcase"
1:30PM - Frank guessed "taking the needle off a record" 
2:30 PM - Colin guessed 'scratching a record...likeThe Beastie Boys'
3:30 PM - Monica guessed 'a paper cutter'
4:30 PM - Yemi guessed 'chipping ice off the windshield'
5:30 PM - Matt guessed 'rolling a piece of plastic into the garbage'
6:30 PM - Steve guessed 'a floorjack' 
7:30 PM - Eduardo guessed 'A paper cutter with guillotine handle' 

Thursday, March 15:
6:30AM - Dave guessed "photocopy machine"
7:30AM - Johnny guessed "dropping your phone on the ground"
8:30AM - Tim guessed "playing a record"
9:30AM - Randy guessed opening a carbonated beverage"
10:30AM - Mark guessed "trying to start a cold enging on your vehicle" 
11:30AM - Allison guessed "a bankers stamp"
12:30PM - Darrian guessed "putting air in a tire"
1:30PM - Rosie guessed "a staple gun" (don't worry, I gave her a talking-to)
2:30 PM - Jason guessed 'sounds like the start of a Beastie Boys Soundtrack'
3:30 PM - Josh guessed 'jumping on a pogo stick' *WINNING $1,350!!

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