The other night we were having steak and fries for supper and ofcourse bbq steak and fries is aways good so I really didn't think much of it in terms of taste but I did notice the ketchup a little more. 

It wasn't until my next day that my wife said to me, "Oh, I forgot to mention that I grabbed a new ketchup....check it out, no sugar added."

I looked at her a little stunned as I said we'll last night I noticed the ketchup tasted really good. 

So right then and there I sampled some on my finger and boom, taste buds went off!!!!

"Now That's a Ketchup!" I yelled, ecstatically. 

The ketchup in question is Heinz - no sugar added ketchup (pictured with my chihuahua Zephyr).

Anyway, there is 75% percent less sugar in the no sugar added ketchup. It such a difference that you don't see Sugar in the top few ingredients whereas for normal ketchup, it's the 2nd ingrediant. 

Now I'm no ketchup fiend, but to me 'No Sugar Added' Ketchup is what its supposed to taste like, TOMATO-EE! 

**apparently this isn't that new and other brands also haven their own no sugar added ketchups too.

I do believe in my that ole Stompin' Tom would have approved.