Jesse & JD's $25,000 Spread The Word Contest

  • Jason

    This will be spread via instagram, via Vimeo and via whatever channels CJAY deems appropriate... and naturally Jesse and JD can aid this effort by talking about the absolutely awesome and adorable and incredible Bull Dog in the video who goes by the name 'Piggy".
  • Nikki

    With this video through social media, cross platform compatible.
  • Danielle

    This ad campaign features a series of billboards placed throughout the city highlighting things that suck about mornings in Calgary. Listening to the All-New CJAY Morning Show with Jesse & JD makes mornings suck less.
  • Debbie

    This book is the end result of my contest within a contest! I will be sending this ebook for free to everyone I know and I will also be spreading the word on my facebook pages.
  • Kelly

    I am sharing all 3 vids on personal Facebook.. my blog Kelly the lunch lady.. my you tube Kelly the lunch lady.. Instagram ..etc and asking everyone to share the videos of my puppers in her CJAY clothes
  • Sandon

    "Released trailer video April 11 - received over 560vs Digital Mediums such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo. Personally contacted over 40 influencers around Calgary including Jesse and JD who love our idea and are working with us to integrate radio for the betterment of Calgary."
  • Danielle

    Jesse & JD are proud to be super average. Because chances are, you're super average too. While we're handing out day-old popcorn & coffee, you'll be sporting hats, car decals & shirts. We're not only spreading the word, we're starting a movement. The most Super Average movement you've ever seen.
  • Jason

    I am hoping for the dumbest and/or funniest title! I shall spread the word through fellow immature folks in the world of socialized media!
  • Dean

    I created a record-breaking caricature featuring Jesse & JD. The huge drawing hit multiple newspapers with the full story hitting CTV and Global News so far. With the van painted with Jesse & JD...everyone greets me having seen it on TV and in the papers lol. I spread the word CJay92 Rocks.
  • Crystal

    I will spread my commercial over Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. I plan to boost it on Facebook and get as many eyes on the commercial as possible. I have featured the band From the Flame in the commercial.