A Calgary Escape Room That Has You Track Down A Serial Killer!


Track A Serial Killer This Weekend

I know it’s the first weekend of Stampede, but I also know that Stampede isn’t for everyone. Also, a rainy first weekend of Stampede will deter a lot of people from trekking to the grounds, or a tent. So, how about an alternative? There’s an escape room here in Calgary that’s offering a pretty unique escape experience, where you’re tasked with hunting down a serial killer: http://bit.ly/2RRy16i

A $250 Star Wars Spork?

Maybe the strangest piece of news I saw all week? That there’s a black market for used cutlery, stolen from a new restaurant at Disneyland: http://bit.ly/2XLYwPS

Moisture of Puppets

And finally, if you won’t be deterred from Stampede by a little bit of moisture, here’s Metallica with some motivation, absolutely CRUSHING ‘Master of Puppets’…in pouring rain.