A Calgary Mechanic Shop With A Bigger Purpose!


A Mechanic Shop With A Bigger Purpose

Damn, this is cool. A local mechanic shop, with purpose beyond just fixing your small engine(s). Jason de Leeuw is a Calgarian who had some trouble with the law growing up. So now, he’s running a shop that employs and trains at-risk youth, giving them an opportunity at a better life: http://bit.ly/30MzSNG

If you need some small engine repair, and wanna give ‘em some love, here’s where to get in touch with Father & Sons: https://www.facebook.com/fathersonsrepair/

The NYT UFO Piece

The most interesting read of the week, by a mile. A bunch of American military pilots, talking about the unidentified flying objects they’ve seen. And no, this UFO piece isn’t from some weird, dark corner of the Internet. Its straight from the New York Times: https://nyti.ms/2YUvB9h

HBO’s Chernobyl

And finally, from all indications, HBO’s ‘Chernobyl’ is every bit as crazy as you’d expect…and then some. It’s on Crave now, if you’re looking for a new show.