A Canadian Woman Being Stalked By A Cougar, Blasts Metallica At It


In Case Of Cougar, Blast Metallica

Let’s begin today’s blog with a public service announcement. Should you find yourself being stalked by a cougar, like this British Columbia woman was:

What do you do? You blast Metallica at it. That’s what Dee Gallant did, and it scared the cat off: http://bit.ly/2LPLKdu

3D Printed Lambos?!

I know it’s easy to fear the future, but maybe the future will just be cool as hell. Because according to this, the future just might have 3D printers making Lamborghinis: http://bit.ly/3164Srd

New Pringles Are Coming

And finally, a couple of new Pringles flavours about to hit shelves, and with any luck, we’ll get them up here in Canada, too. Mac and Cheese Pringles? Yes, really: http://bit.ly/30ZSqtc