Black Mirror Might Have A "Choose Your Own Adventure" Episode Next Season

Choose Your Own Black Mirror Adventure?

…you’ve almost gotta feel bad for a show like Black Mirror, no? The more episodes you make, the more anticipation and expectation builds. That’s a fair amount of pressure, especially for a show as intricately written as the Netflix standout. But, they seem to be embracing that challenge, and coming up with some new ideas for season 5. The latest rumour? That they’ll have a choose-your-own-adventure episode:

McJesus In GQ

…I suppose Connor McDavid being in GQ magazine has a couple of different potential outcomes on the eve of a new NHL season. For Oilers fans, it’s a new reason to fawn over Connor, and a way to tide yourself over until Saturday, when Edmonton kicks off their regular season. For fans of anyone else, it’s probably just a great opportunity to chirp McJesus, the Oilers, and their fans. Why? Because the article is titled, “Connor McDavid Is Done Being Chirped At”:

A New Look At Red Dead 2 

…and finally, a brand new Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer dropped yesterday, and is it October 26th yet?