Blink 182 Salad Dressing? Yes, That's A Thing.

Dude Ranch Dressing

I’d like to apologize. To any KISS fans who I may have offended, with my hypocrisy, in mocking that band’s attempt to merchandise anything and everything. There’s KISS coffee mugs, blankets, Zippo lighters, caskets, even air guitar strings (ok, that last one is STILL stupid). I’ve mocked the KISS army previously, for their willingness to shell out hard earned money for these various crocks of shit. But here we are, on March the 12th of the year 2019, and I’m officially just as big of an idiot. Blink 182 is the band, and Dude Ranch salad dressing is what I’ve gotta have. Even if it is vegan, and fan-made:

A Dad Builds A Massive ODR For The Whole Neighbourhood

Here’s a story a lot of CJAY Dads can relate to. Your kid loves to play hockey, but you can’t get him enough ice time. So what do you do? You build him an outdoor rink. But this hockey dad in Illinois took it to the next level:

Good Boys

And finally, Seth Rogen dropped a trailer for ‘Good Boys’ yesterday, and this thing looks so, so wrong.