Brace Yourself, Molson Marijuana Drinks Are Coming


Molson Marijuana Drinks

Brace yourself, weed beverages are coming. As you know, marijuana edibles will hit the open market this December, and the big names are gearing up. More specifically, Molson, who are getting a few different drinks ready for you:

The Misfits Are Back, For Legal Reasons

If it feels like the Misfits have been unusually busy this year, that’s because they have. Another show this past weekend (featuring support from Rise Against!), and more booked for the end of the year. But before you give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only are reunited because they missed each other so friggin’ much, hang on. All of these shows are because of a court case:

Tiger vs Biker 

And finally, I don’t wanna downplay the risks that bikers in Alberta face. But as much as it’s gotta be tough dodging distracted motorists, gnarly winds, and flying rocks/debris…it could be worse. You could have the added risk of tiger attacks, like in India.