Brace Yourselves, "Bed Cinema" Is Coming To Calgary!

Bed Cinema Is Coming!

What is “bed cinema”? Bed cinema is an idea so genius that you’ll not only wish you’d thought of it, but you’ll also wonder why no one else did earlier, too. You’ll wonder why it isn’t a thing here in Calgary. And then you’ll realize that’s the best part of this story. Bed cinema appears to be coming to Calgary:

You Be The Boss, Oilers Fans

Pretty interesting read here. The Edmonton Sun did their annual “You Be The Boss” survey in regards to the Edmonton Oilers. And boy did they get a response. Record numbers for participants, and a pretty clear picture painted about what Oilers fans want done this offseason:

Why Is Bam In Rehab?

And finally, a podcast that’s made some waves online the last couple of weeks. Two of Bam Margera’s best friends did a podcast, detailing exactly what’s been going on with their buddy, and why he’s been in and out of rehab a bunch over the last few years. There’s some pretty hard truths in here.