Brace Yourselves, Fireball Whisky Pumpkin Pie Is Here.

Fireball Whisky Pumpkin Pie

…there’s three big pieces of food and beverage news I have for you today, but this first one is far and away the biggest. Pumpkin season has returned, to quote the rapper Nas, and with it, a bunch of ways pumpkin spice will invade your eats and drinks. I don’t care how you feel about all of this pumpkin, we can all agree on this. FIREBALL WHISKY PUMPKIN PIE:

If that’s not your bag, maybe Froot Loops mini donuts will:

And, if you’re still not hungry or thirsty, how about a new Game of Thrones beer, described as, “thick and chewy”:

The Sean Dolittle Home Run Challenge

…Washington Nationals pitcher Sean Doolittle doesn’t just have a cool name, he’s got a really cool idea. He’s encouraging opposing batters to take ‘Sean Dolittle’s Home Run Challenge’. 

More on that, here:

One Second From Every Episode Of The Office

…and finally, whoever put together this montage of one second from every single episode of The Office really should get a Nobel Peace Prize, for having perfectly recapped the series, the greatest TV show ever.