Brace Yourselves, X Games Are Coming! Here's What It'll Look Like.

Brace Yourselves, X Games Are Coming!

Well, this was a pleasant surprise this morning. After a few years of hearing “NO!” on several fronts, Calgary got a “YES!”, albeit to a event most people didn’t know we were in the running for. The Winter X Games are coming, and it looks like it’ll be sweet.

I’d like to go on the record right now by saying that this is the excuse we’ve been looking for, when it comes to SunIce jackets. Those bad boys were fashionable as hell during the ’88 Olympics. Bring ‘em back, X Games. More on the X Games coming to town, from our friends at CTV, your home for local breaking news:

Rock Bands And Bourbon, Anyone?

Now, I hate to follow up a great price of Calgary tourism news by giving you a reason to leave town…but until we get a summer bourbon festival that offers Foo Fighters, Robert Plant, and Zac Brown Band, I’ll be sizing up Kentucky:

The Other Side Of the McGregor Story

And finally, we know there’s two sides to every story, to borrow an old adage. So, here’s the other side of the Conor McGregor arrest/assault story.

And, here’s Conor’s statement.