Brian McGrattan Celebrates Ten Years Sober With An Incredible Message

Big Ern’s Ten Years Sober

…let’s start with the best thing I read yesterday, hands down. Brian McGrattan just celebrated ten years sober, and the dude’s perspective is as incredible as his story.

Christmas With Josh Homme

…99% of the time, rock and roll Christmas sucks. Go ahead, fight me. I’m right, and you know it. So let’s cross both sets of fingers that Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme can buck the trend, and put out some Christmas rock that doesn’t suck. He’s got new(ish?) holiday music out this Friday:

The Oreo Music Box

…and finally, in the weirdest food move since KFC was offering Mothers Day cards for your Mom, here’s Oreo, who’ve just fired up the Oreo Music Box, which turns your cookie experience into a musical experience: