Do Some Good By Drinking Good Coffee, Straight To Calgary From Colombia


Good Coffee, Doing Good

If you like good coffee, and you’re interested in doing some good while drinking good coffee, this’ll interest you. I found Good Trade Coffee at the farmers market this weekend.

Fast & Furious Fight Stipulations

The latest Fast & Furious spinoff, ‘Hobbes and Shaw’ pulled in almost $200 million on its opening weekend, so safe to say that the Michael Bay era is alive and well. The Wall Street Journal had something interesting late last week, detailing the contract stipulations of the actors, when it comes to fight scenes. Apparently, Vin Diesel, The Rock, Jason Statham, they’ve all got clauses in the contracts when it comes to fight scenes, including how many they can lose, and how badly:

Gritty’s In NHL 20

And finally, since the NHL 20 Beta version is out now, here’s a look at some of the gameplay, and the mascot addition we’ve all been waiting for.

Also, notice James Cybulski doing the play by play? Interesting change from Mike “Doc” Emrick.