Dude News: April 10th, 2017

KoRn Just Recruited A Little Bit Of Metallica

…normally, KoRn tour news isn’t high on the DUDE News priority list. This is a little different, though. The band’s bassist can’t make it to their South American shows this month, so they’ve recruited a fill-in; the son of one of the dudes from Metallica: https://goo.gl/69XFzY

Make Sure You’re Signed Up For The Flames’ Ticket Lotto!

…what a difference a year makes. Last year? Zero Canadian teams in the playoffs. One year later? Five of them! So, you wanna check out a Flames playoff game, Make sure you get yourself entered into their ticket lottery! sign up HERE: https://goo.gl/6U9iyE

UFC 210’s Fake Boob Controversy

…UFC 210 was weird the other night. Strange fights, two fighters retired in the Octagon, some questionable officiating, and one fight almost didn’t happen…because of breast implants? https://goo.gl/Bdvugw

Baldwin Does O’Reilly & Trump, Simultaneously.

…and finally, I know we gave Donald Trump up for Lent, but we all cheat a bit on Lent resolutions, right? This is too good not to share. Alec Baldwin played Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live this weekend…at the same time:

The O'Reilly Factor with Donald Trump - SNL by TheBestViews