Dude News: April 10th, 2018

Did Conor Just Tell Us Who’s Next…With An Emoji?

…what’s next for Conor McGregor? That’s the question the entire world is asking right now, and it’s exactly why we’re doing things like completely overanalyzing his Instagram posts. The latest?


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What’s the big deal about that one little emoji? Well, according to some, that cryptic caption could tell you exactly who he’ll be fighting next.

The New Camaro Is SLICK.

…Chevy unveiled their new Camaro yesterday, and they’ve given the whole thing a pretty sexy facelift: https://goo.gl/gTQQR9

Russell’s $4 Million Divorce Auction

…and finally, for a lot of dudes, a divorce can be a financially crippling thing. But not for Russell Crowe, who just held a “divorce auction”…that netted him a cool $4 million: