Dude News: April 11th, 2018

You Can Now Hire A Tinder Coach

…so your online dating game isn’t where it needs to be. Big deal. There’s solutions for problems like these, dude. You can now hire a Tinder coach, who’ll help you facelift your profile for $49-$99. Or, you could sign up for a three month coaching program that’ll run you around a thousand bucks. Bad at texting? There’s help for that, too. $25 for two weeks worth of text writing, $20/monthly after that. This might sound a little weird, a little creepy, a lot uncomfortable. But aren’t those three things exactly what dating in 2018 is? https://goo.gl/dQEfZH

These Clubs Are Either A Great Deal, Or A Waste of $300

…this is far from a paid endorsement. Rather, it’s your friend JD really trying to decide if this is a good deal, or a complete waste of $300. There’s a pretty cheap set of starter golf clubs on Amazon right now. And from what I can tell, they’re legit. The reviews are good. And, I’m new to the whole golf thing, so I’m really not sure I should be spending big money on a set of clubs. You tell me, is this a good deal, or a great way to blow 300 bucks? https://goo.gl/PJ354G

A Dwight Place

…and finally, bravo, Internet. This parody of ‘A Quiet Place’ (which is AWESOME, by the way!), is a great little slice of entertainment for fans of The Office.