Dude News: April 13th, 2017

UFC Ring Girls In The Canadian Wilderness

…we’re gonna start with the video portion of today’s blog, because, well, once you watch the video, you’ll understand why. The UFC visited Vancouver last fall, and brought their ring girls with them. When they had some downtime, Brittney Palmer and Ariany Celeste decided to get out in a helicopter and take some sex, badass photos. Enjoy!

Royal Blood Returns!

…it’s been three long years since Royal Blood dropped their debut album, a collection of songs praised by people like Jimmy Page and Lars Ulrich. It took them on tour with the Foo Fighters, where they blew people’s doors off. If it hadn’t have been The Foo, they likely would’ve stolen each and every show. And now, we’re finally getting the follow up album: https://goo.gl/4WC0CA

Here’s This Year’s Best MLB Ballpark Food

…if you’re thinking about a summer baseball trip, or already have one planned, here’s the one food menu you’re supposed to try at each park, including a DESSERT POUTINE at Rogers Centre in Toronto, the chili half-smoke hot dog in Nationals Park in Washington, the Chronic Tacos at Angels Stadium in Anaheim, and ice cream sandwiches at Safeco Field in Seattle: https://goo.gl/ZI4MxX

Kenny And Spenny Are Coming!

…and finally, we wrap with a friendly heads up that Kenny and Spenny are coming to town in a few weeks and you might wanna grab tickets, because they’re only doing one stand-up show: https://goo.gl/WeOwSZ