Dude News: April 13th, 2018

Poutine, And Lots of It, For A Great Reason.

…good news? 83 Calgary restaurants are debuting new, limited-time-only poutine dishes next Friday. Better news? You’ve got a week to try ‘em. Best news? It’s all for charity: https://goo.gl/Y7b6Df

And, while I don’t advocate playing favourites, and have every intention of trying many (ALL) of these poutines…this one from Modern Steak looks especially intriguing:

I’ll have the large poutine please! @poutinewithpurpose @opentable

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Chris Cuthbert Wants To Call A Broncos Game, For Tyler

…there’s been all sorts of cool stories to warm your heart this week, as the country mourns the losses from last week’s Humboldt Broncos tragedy. Hundreds of thousands of sticks left out front of doors, tens of millions of dollars donated, and some truly incredible displays of support and solidarity. One of my favourites came yesterday, when Chris Cuthbert, one of the greatest hockey play by play guys EVER, offered to call a Humboldt Broncos game:

How cool would it be to hear CC calling a Broncos goal, after so many decades of iconic hockey calls? I didn’t know Tyler Bieber, but I’m sure he’d be thrilled.

The Walking Dead Video Game Looks Crazy

…and finally, while opinions on The Walking Dead TV show may differ, the excitement about the forthcoming video game is pretty much unanimous. It looks awesome, and drops this fall: