Dude News: April 16th, 2018

The Tarantula Burger

…I’d just like a reason, really. One good goddamn reason why we need a tarantula burger on this planet, and while we’re at it, give me one good reason why anyone would feel inclined to eat such a thing. And before you wonder, let me clear up any confusion. No, this isn’t just a clever name. And no, “tarantula” isn’t some kind of exotic cooking technique you’re not familiar with. This is a tarantula spider, on top of a burger, and people are eating this shit in North Carolina: https://goo.gl/BmF2SD

A Mercedes Benz Subscription? 

…until yesterday, I had no idea that vehicle subscription programs were/are a thing. I guess because the whole thing sounds a lot like a process of renting a car, only more expensive. But it’s exactly like it sounds, Mercedes Benz is the latest to launch their program, which not only gives you access to whatever kind of vehicle you want, they’ll even deliver it to you: https://goo.gl/TA9z68

Well Done, Necks.

…and finally, (hard) hats off to your Calgary Roughnecks, who raised a bunch of money for Humboldt on Saturday night.