Dude News" April 18th, 2017

NHL Goal Horns, Ranked.

…Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard has made the most arbitrary of arbitrary lists, a ranking of all 30 NHL goal horns. The good news belongs to Flames fans, whose goal horn wound up pretty highly ranked. Edmonton Oilers, not so much: https://www.si.com/nhl/2017/nhl-goal-horns-songs-ranked

An Alberta Natural Disaster Is The Setting For A Graphic Novel

…this is pretty cool. A local comic book artist is turning an Alberta natural disaster into the basis for a graphic novel, 114 years later: https://goo.gl/WkIgUp

Fear Factor’s Comin’ Back.

…if you’ve been waiting with baited breath for the return of Fear Factor (I know, you haven’t been, no one has), I’ve got great news! They’re bringing it back, although without Joe Rogan. Instead, MTV’s recruited a rapper to host the reboot: https://goo.gl/51FQ4q

A Pet Lynx? Oh, Canada.

…and finally, there’s lots of Canadian wildlife that would make cool pets…in theory. A pet moose, raccoon, wolf, polar bear, all cool ideas, and occasionally the basis for a Coca-Cola commercial. But this woman’s turned a lynx into her pet: