Dude News: April 19th, 2017

Snapchat For Nudes, Thanks To PornHub

…you ask any female what the worst part is about dating in 2017 is, odds are she’ll tell you that it’s the nudes from dudes. In particular, the unsolicited ones. So thank goodness for PornHub, and their new app, which is gonna take your nude game to the next level. They’re calling it “Snapchat for nudes”, and it does exactly what you’re thinking; adding filters to your genitals. And yes, female DUDE News readers, there’s female ones, too: https://goo.gl/9aO7A0

This Blue Jackets Had The Grossest Shirt In The Arena Last Night

…I’m all for a good gimmicky t-shirt, in fact I’ve got a dresser full of them at home. But this one at the Blue Jackets game last night? A bit much:

In case you don’t get the reference:

A Super Creepy, Probably Haunted Abandoned Alberta Hospital

…yesterday, I learned that Alberta has a super creepy abandoned hospital, the kind you’d expect to see in a Hollywood horror flick. Built in 1967, abandoned in 1996, just outside of Edmonton, and all kinds of creepy: https://goo.gl/Zy6SDQ

Spotify’s Green Day Doc Looks Sweet!

…and finally, Spotify has put together a pretty cool looking Green Day documentary, focusing on their early years in the Bay Area: