Dude News: April 21st, 2017

LeMelons Is The Calgary Junker Race You Didn’t Know You Needed In On.

…damn, this is cool. The definition of the kind of party you wish you could get an invite to, but it’s a closed event. LeMelons is a race just south of Calgary, on private land, with a group of friends racing $300 cars around a homemade track, for three hours…or until the vehicles catastrophically fail. Apparently, it’s a bunch of engineering friends, who’ve been doing this for years. It looks AWESOME.

Jim Beam’s Made Special Championship Cubs Bourbon

…Jim Beam whiskey has found a cool way to tip their cap to the Chicago Cubs. They’ve got a special batch of bourbon that finished its maturation on the exactnday that the Cubs broke their curse and won it all; November 2nd, 2016. Now, that super limited, special stuff is getting special packaging and a special release date: https://goo.gl/ZoZcnP

Poutine Week Is Upon Us, Friends.

… YYC Poutine Week fires up this week, and it doesn’t just mean delicious poutine(s) around town for the next week. It also means helping a great charity! https://goo.gl/jv0yMf

Steve-O At Trump’s Dinner Makes Perfect Sense

…and finally, all of the kudos to whoever this dude is. He photoshopped Steve-O into all of the photos from Donald Trump’s (accidentally/ironically hillbilly) dinner party the other night: