Dude News: April 24th, 2017

Shaun White Is Back In YYC This Month!

…I’ve been meaning to post these videos for the last couple of weeks. Shaun White, aka The Flying Tomato, aka the super rich/talented snowboarder/skateboarder has been spending a bunch of time in our city, ripping up Canada Olympic Park:

And local golf courses too!

Some Dude Found $45K Worth Of Video Games On Storage Wars

…I don’t watch Storage Wars, and I don’t know anyone that does, but this story is pretty cool. One of the show’s characters hit a video game jackpot this month, snagging $45,000 worth of retro games in a random locker, for only $1500: https://goo.gl/8nOctf

Esquire Takes You Into The World Of Creep Catchers

…I fell down a rabbit hole this weekend, with this gigantic piece in Esquire, focusing on “creep catchers”, vigilantes who bait and bust creeps online: https://goo.gl/cI6eEZ

James Hetfield Takes His Tarp Off For Iggy Pop

…and finally, here’s a bizarre birthday video for Iggy Pop (who just turned 70 this weekend!) from Metallica’s James Hetfield, who decided to take his shirt off for the occasion:

Maybe we just stick to Iggy covers, James?