Dude News: April 28th, 2017

You Can Now Take A Course To Learn Dothraki From Game of Thrones

…we’ve officially gone too far. There’s been ridiculous college courses in the news before. Headlines about schools that would allow you to study heavy metal music, The Simpsons, even the history of maple syrup. But now, Berkeley has outdone them all, offering Game of Thrones fans the opportunity to school themselves in a skill with literally ZERO real life adaptability or necessity. Yes, seriously, you can now take a course in how to speak Dothraki: https://goo.gl/k16OXG

The NBA’s Secret Addiction

…the NBA’s got a secret, a craving that consumes the entire league. All of the players want it, in fact, they can’t get enough of it. Pregame, postgame, their appetites are insatiable, for THIS: https://goo.gl/JpVdyM

The UFC’s Coming Back…To Alberta, At Least.

…put on your surprised face for me, ok? There’s another big event skipping Calgary. This time, it’s the UFC, heading to Edmonton:

28 Special Aston Martins, Unleashed!

…and finally, here’s $84 million worth of Aston Martins ripping donuts in a warehouse: